Applied X-ray spectroscopy

MSc and UROP student success

This summer the group hosted two MSc students, Shijia Liu and Ayse Ay, who worked on CuO nanostructures for glucose sensors, and four UROP students, Amy Tall, Zhuocheng Xu, Xiangqi Hu and Qiaochu Luo, who worked on transparent conducting oxides, radiation damage in amino acids, and copper oxide glucose sensors.

All of them contributed a great deal to the group. Excellent science happened, lots of fun was had (from nanogranola to nanocornflakes), and we conquered many realistic labexperiences (and struggles). It was such a pleasure to work with all of these excellent Materials students! We can’t wait to see where they go next.


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Group lunch: Amy Tall, Zhuocheng Xu, Xiangqi Hu, Shijia Lia, Ayse Ay, Qiaochu Luo, Anna Regoutz.

MSc Advanced Materials 2017-18

MSc Class 2017-18, including Ayse Ay (1st row, 4th from left) and Shijia Liu (1st row 4th from right) who worked on projects in the group (photo courtesy of Raj Adcock).

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