Applied X-ray spectroscopy

First beamtime of the academic year!

Curran and Aysha from the group were joined by Benjamin Moss from Imperial College London for four days of experiments at beamline I09 at the Diamond Light Source. They were able to measure several sets of MXene and MAX phase samples from our long-time collaborator Christina Birkel at Arizona State University. The measurements were performed with both soft and hard X-rays and will hopefully shed light on the surface and bulk characteristics of these novel materials.

Benjamin also brought some exciting metal oxide samples with him, but they put up a fight and many hours were required to overcome charging issues! However, the team powered through and after many tests, they were able to collect a good set of data. The cherry on the top was the collection of a beautiful Ti 1s spectrum of the material. Aside from the success of the measurements one highlight was definitely the view of the moon on our second night as we stumbled back to the beam line after chocolate sponge cake and chocolate custard.

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