Applied X-ray spectroscopy

Cross Sections

In April and May 2020 the group embarked on a mission to digitise the famous Tabulated Photoionisation Cross Sections from Yeh and Lindau from 1985.

We digitised the full tabulated atomic subshell photoionisation cross sections calculated by J.J Yeh and I. Lindau (1985). The original paper from Yeh and Lindau can be found here. These data were calculated using the Hartree-Fock-Slater one-electron central potential model for all elements 1 ≤ Z ≤ 103. Cross sections were calculated for selected atomic orbitals for the following photon energies: 10.2 eV (H), 16.7 eV (Ne I), 21.2 eV (He I), 26.8 eV (Ne II), 40.8 eV (He II), 80 eV, 132.3 eV (Y Mζ), 151.4 eV (Zr Mζ), 200 eV, 300 eV, 600 eV, 800 eV, 1041.0 eV (Na K⍺), 1253.6 eV (Mg K⍺), 1486.6 eV (Al K⍺) and 8047.8 eV (Cu K⍺).

Data Files

Below you can find digitised files (or links to them) in a range of formats (.xlsx, .csv and .opju). Let us know, if you require a format we don’t yet list and we will do our best to provide it.

Excel file (.xlsx) containing data of all 103 elements as individual tabs:

Zip file of individual .csv files for each element (located on dropbox).

Origin file (.opju) containing data of all elements as individual work sheets (located on dropbox).

References and Citations

If you end up using any of the provided files, please cite the original paper:

J.J. Yeh, I. Lindau, Atomic subshell photoionization cross sections and asymmetry parameters: 1 ⩽ Z ⩽ 103, Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables, Volume 32, Issue 1, 1985, Pages 1-155, ISSN 0092-640X,

We would also be grateful, if you could cite the digitised version to give credit to the hard and painstaking work that the group have put in:

C. Kalha, N. K. Fernando, C. Vigil Hernandez, E. E. Kurtulus, J. Li, Y. Zhou, A. Regoutz, Digitisation of Yeh and Lindau Photoionisation Cross Section Tabulated Data, 2020, figshare, Datase,

Disclaimer, Contact and Thanks

Whilst we have done our best to accurately digitise the data and have had an internal peer review process in place, we cannot guarantee that the documents are error free. If you find any mistakes or have any queries or suggestions regarding the dataset, please contact Anna via email (a.regoutz – AT – We will ensure to update the files on our group website and on figshare, if necessary.

Finally, the group is very grateful to Prof. Lindau for agreeing to make the original dataset available to the community in a, we hope, easily accessible format.


We are currently working on integrating the full dataset from Yeh and Lindau into the Galore software package. Galore is a package that applies cross-sectional weighting and broadening to data from ab-initio calculations. Further details about Galore are discussed in this paper. Galore currently implements photoionisation cross section values for high energy photons (1-1500 keV) calculated by Scofield (1973) and already implements cross sections for Al K⍺ (XPS) and He II (UPS) energies taken from the Yeh and Lindau dataset. So watch this space!